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Keep up with the agricultural trends for 2022

Brazilian agribusiness surpasses export records in 2021, a year in which it generated more than US$100 billion in revenue. These numbers are relevant for the Brazilian economy since, through agriculture, the country generates jobs, collects taxes, and establishes commercial partnerships with economic powers such as China and the United States. 

In this context, professionals, companies, farmers, and investors operating in agribusiness must be aware of the main technologies that can be implemented, aiming to increase productivity and operational efficiency in the field.

Today, there are many technologies and possibilities that facilitate the farmer’s routine. With that in mind, we created this article with the main agricultural trends for 2022. Would you like to know more about the topic? Then, read on and find out!


Drones are not exactly new to agribusiness. Although some farmers already make use of this technology, it has not yet become popular. The trend is that this scenario will change over the course of 2022.

This equipment can be used to fly over properties, capturing images, spraying crops, mapping the area, and even identifying places that eventually need some special intervention.

Farmers can use the equipment alone, with real-time control, or remotely. The use is relatively simple, and the equipment already has a relatively affordable cost.

Autonomous machinery

Autonomous machinery, as its name suggests, are machines that are remotely controlled and therefore do not need a driver. Today, some Brazilian farms already use these machines, and the trend is for them to become increasingly popular.

In addition to reducing costs with human resources and problems related to the lack of qualified professionals, some agricultural machines have specific software. They allow for more intelligent control of the crops, based on the analysis of the needs of each plantation.

Agricultural sensors

Agricultural sensors are one of the great promises in terms of agricultural trends for 2022. These devices have the ability to read and record information about the weather, soil, plantation, and machine performance. Data collected can be interpreted to help in the decision-making process.

Here, it is worth noting that sensors capture information and generate data that can be evaluated by both people and computers. This means that they can be combined with the use of specialized programs, which will bring relevant insights to obtain more productivity in the plantation.

Artificial intelligence

Finally, when it comes to agricultural trends in 2022, we cannot fail to mention artificial intelligence. This is a technology that is present in all sectors, without exception, and agribusiness is no different.

In the farmer’s routine, this tool can be used, for example, to apply fertilizers, carry out planting and irrigation, identify and remove exotic plants, which arise in unwanted places and can cause damage to the plantation.

As you can see, the prospects in agricultural trends are for the development of solutions and technologies that can make all the difference for the farmer. Knowing these trends and implementing technological solutions is a necessary move for every farmer who wants to remain productive and efficient.

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